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Personal Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon at Home

Personal Fitness Trainer In Gurgaon
Welcome to Active Fitness Aim

Active Fitness Aim (AFA) is a well known name in the Fitness industry. It was established in 2007 and has been giving his services for the last 15 years. Now we have initiated the bootcamp fitness training in Gurgaon. Bootcamp is a group physical training of exercises that help people to get fit and stronger. In this type of outdoor session we focus on calisthenics, functional and military-style drills.

AFA is the place where you'll find your fitness experts and all the resources you need achieve your fitness goals. Personal training is available at your doorstep by educated, certified & well experienced trainers, who are your fitness professional involved in exercise techniques , postures, prescription & instructions. We motivate clients by setting up goals and daily workout routine with diet plans. AFA trainers also measure their client's weakness and strengths with latest fitness equipments. Trainers also often accompany the clients during their workouts, encouraging and demonstrating them to continually increase their performance and has customized exercise programs for individuals of all ages with different fitness levels and goals.

"AFA" is running by very senior personal trainer Mr. ARUN, has worked with big brand in fitness industry and page 3 celebrities. AFA personal trainers have international certification and more than 5-8 years of experience.

You can choose your fitness experts according to your need, we have a team of male & female trainers, physiotherapist and nutritionist. Best Male and Female Personal Trainer in Gurgaon and Delhi (NCR).

Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon
Fitness Trainer

Active Fitness Aim have a very experienced panel of fitness trainers which provide best in class fitness programs and guidance. Our trainers are certified from recognized organizations and have state-of-the-art expertise in providing fitness training and guidance.

Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon
Yoga Trainer

Active Fitness Aim provides one of the best in class yoga trainer in Delhi and Gurgaon region. We have the state-of-the-art yoga trainers which have very rich experience and knowledge of this ancient Indian traditional exercise.

Experience the Active Fitness Aim Trainers Category Advantage:

Are you eager to experience the benefits that are unmatched when you train with the most effective Personal Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon? The Trainers Category was designed to offer you a complete fitness program that is enjoyable, efficient, and customized to your specific needs.

Best Fitness Trainer Gurgaon
  • Platinum Personal Trainers
  • Certification: ACE , ACSM
  • experience: 10 years
  • Additional facilities for hire this category trainers
  • Monthly BMI check up by OMRON bmi scanner.
  • Dietician facilities and follow up.
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Gold personal trainers
  • Gold personal trainers
  • Certification: ISSA, GFFI, GGU
  • experience: 7 years
  • Additional facilities for hire this category trainers
  • Monthly BMI check up by OMRON bmi scanner.
  • Dietician facilities and follow up.
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Silver personal trainers
  • Silver personal trainers
  • Certification: ISSA, GFFI, GGU
  • experience: 4 years
  • Additional facilities for hire this category trainers
  • Monthly BMI check up by OMRON bmi scanner.
  • Dietician facilities and follow up.
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Meet Our Trainers:

Our dedicated team of trainers is the soul and heart that makes up our gym. Each trainer brings their own experience and set of skills on the job, making sure that you receive guidance that matches your goals. Learn more about some of our outstanding trainers:

Why Choose Active Fitness Aim for Personal Fitness Trainers?

Starting a fitness path isn't easy, particularly when you're not sure how to start. This is when our expert Personal Fitness Trainers come into the picture. Our trainers have the experience skills, experience, and motivation to develop customized fitness programs that are a perfect fit for your personal objectives, be it the loss of weight, muscle growth, or general health.


Watch the Success Stories: How Our Happy Clients Benefit from a Personal Fitness Coach in Gurgaon

Here at Active Fitness Aim, we take great pride in the remarkable transformations and successes that our clients have achieved with the help and guidance of our personal fitness trainers in Gurgaon. Our focus isn't just on exercising; it's about encouraging you to unleash your potential and attain new heights in fitness and health. Here's what our happy clients benefit from their relationship in working with us:
☑ Personalized Approach, Real Results
☑ Expert Guidance, Proper Technique
☑ Motivation and Accountability
☑ Overcoming Plateaus
☑ Time Efficiency
☑ Holistic Wellness
☑ Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
☑Confidence and Empowerment
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Our Satisfied Clients-

Join our ranks of customers who are happy with the results of changing their lives through our Personal Fitness Trainer Service in Gurgaon. We are here to assist you to achieve a healthier happier, happier, and more confident you. Contact us today to begin on a path that will transform your life in a positive way. The story of your success is waiting for you!

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